Are you suffering from a condition for which traditional treatment didn't work? We can provide you with a personalized medical case review and connect you with the right team for your unique condition.

Choose Relief is a not-for-profit with partner medical organizations located in Deerfield, Illinois, in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  These teams of veteran physicians are dedicated to expert diagnostics and medical treatment for the most serious conditions for which traditional treatment hasn't worked.

If you or a loved one are suffering, please reach out to us. Also please know that these clinics are self pay, out-of-network and do not accept insurance.
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No-Cost Medical Case Reviews

Choose Relief offers people suffering from treatment-resistant depression and other complex brain illness a free medical case review by a local senior physician at a neuropsychiatry specialty clinic in Deerfield, Illinois.

Our nonprofit’s medical partners are dedicated to the effective diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of complex disorders of adults and children. We have arranged with The Neuroscience Center of Deerfield, IL to provide 100 free medical case reviews per month to evaluate their treatment-resistant illness.

Who are these no-cost medical case reviews for?

Half of patients who see psychiatrists don’t get better because they have treatment-resistant depression or another complex brain illness.  Precise testing and advanced treatments are available that can put treatment-resistant illness into a virtual full recovery for qualifying patients.

What is a medical case review?

Usually within 24 hours of your inquiry (and often sooner), a patient coordinator from our nonprofit will arrange for your case to be accepted by a participating neuropsychiatrist, who will review your case history and respond with information personalized to you.

If you are a good candidate, the psychiatrist will recommend you come in for evaluation, diagnostics, and treatment. Or, you will be provided with personalized information and directed to other local resources which might help you.

Cost of evaluation, diagnostics and treatment

Please note that there are fees associated if you make an appointment with any of the participating medical clinics.  The free case review is for the review of your case, the phone and email discussion of your case, and any information that is recommended to you.

Hope for the toughest cases
If you are experiencing treatment-resistant depression or other serious brain illness, reach out to us.
Request A medical case review
This clinic has saved our daughter's life. And helped our family manage her bipolar in a way that no one has ever been able to do. We are very grateful.
Beth P.
Mother of TNC Patient
Hyperbaric Centers of Chicago is located within the same complex as my psychiatrist.  While it was considered optional for my condition, I really did feel much better after several pressurized oxygen treatments.  I happily pay out of pocket for the energy I get from my hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
Barbara Feldman
Patient, The Hyperbaric Center of Chicago
This Center saved my life when no one else could. After my concussion, I could not even walk. I didn't know where I was in terms of how my body felt in space. I was wobbly. Couldn't think straight. After treatment from this Clinic, I got almost all of my functionality back. Over the several weeks I received treatment, I met many patients there he helped. I saw them get better with my own eyes. Top notch clinic for severely ill brain patients.
Robert Samuelson
Patient, The Neuroscience Center
The Neuroscience Center understands the brain is an organ like any other organ in the body and that there are physiological reasons for depression. The Neuroscience Center ordered a Brain SPECT image that revealed the exact place in my brain that was misfiring.  The doctors then knew where to direct their attention.  After a few months of visiting the clinic, I felt like a better version of my old self.  I can now perform at work and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family.
Justin Wolfe
The Neuroscience Center Patient

Partner Organizations

The Neuroscience Center

The Neuroscience Center focuses exclusively on brain illnesses that are not responding to prior treatment.

Hyperbaric Centers of Chicago

HCC provides comfortable state-of-the-art single patient hyperbaric chambers. Treatment is custom-designed to meet each patient's needs.

Midwest Institute of Neurological Discovery

The Midwest Institute of Neurological Discovery is a highly accredited institution dedicated to diagnosing and treating complex neurological issues.