Hyperbaric Center of Chicago

Breathe 100% oxygen in our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers to aid the natural healing process.

The Hyperbaric Center of Chicago treats several types of injuries and illnesses.

Our hyperbaric chambers harness oxygen to treat serious illness. Treatment is custom-designed to meet each patient's needs. Our unique partnership with The Neuroscience Center and PathFinder Brain SPECT Imaging allows us to offer our patients the best possible diagnosis and treatment options.
Help for treatment-resistant depression

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Conditions That Often Cause Treatment-Resistant Depression

Other conditions can be factors for why traditional treatment such as talk therapy isn't working for depression. Because of this, the correct diagnosis of the underlying cause is often the only way to resolve the long term depression. Allow yourself to have some hope!  Common causes are treatable, and with common-sense treatment, your mood can improve on a long-term basis.

  • Autoimmune Illness

  • Hormonal Inbalances

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Endocrine dysfunction

  • Endocrine dysfunction

  • Tick-borne, spider-and insect-borne illnesses

  • Epilepsy and other conditions associated with abnormal EEG

  • H. pylori, toxoplasmosis, Herpesviridae, parasitic infestation

  • Adverse effects of medications

  • Pharmacogenomic and pharmacodynamic adversities

  • Inadequate plasticity

  • Learning disability or giftedness

  • Environmental poisoning

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Provider Resources
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